Affordable Servicing

You expect exceptional service when you take your car to an Audi Centre but the bill may seem somewhat unexceptional. Our competitive fixed prices mean that, when its time to pay, the only surprise you'll receive is a pleasant one.

Our fixed price jobs* are:


  • Interim Service £164

  • Major Service £309


  • MOT £39

  • Air conditioning service £79

  • Cam belt £455

  • Cam belt with water pump £599

  • Clutch (non quattro) £799

  • S tronic oil and filter £175

  • Multi tronic oil £175

  • Brake fluid change £59


  • Brakes (excludes ceramic brakes)

  • Brake pads (rear) £129

  • Brake pads (front) £145

  • Brake pads & discs (rear) £235

  • Brake pads & discs (front) £299

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The Audi Service Plan

Audi Service PlanThe Audi Service Plan is available for existing vehicles aged 3-5 years, and is a convenient and cost effective way of ensuring your Audi stays in great condition.

So, if your Audi is three to five years old, it can benefit from specialist care for less than you might think.

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Audi service plans: new vehicles

Audi Complete is perfect if you want a tailored service plan for your new car that fits your lifestyle.

You can choose between:

  • Service only

  • Service and maintenance*

  • Service, maintenance and tyres*

*These plans also include your first MOT. 

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